Top Ten Things to do in Southern Utah

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#1 Visit Utah's National Parks!

With Five National Parks and Monument Valley, Utah is America's national parks capital. These national parks are located close together, allowing visitors to experience them all in one trip. Whether you choose to visit just one or two, or to take a Grand Circle swing through them all, your trip is certain to be unforgettable!


#2 Go Golfing

St George is Utah's golf capital. Weather is mild during winter and so golf is enjoyable year-round. As a result, some of the best courses in the southwestern US can be found here.The St George courses are all unique, set against red canyon walls and black lava rock. Many have outstanding views of red rock desert country; some offer views that extend over towards Zion National Park.


#3 Visit Southern Utah State Parks

Quail Creek

Goblin Valley

 Snow Canyon

 Sand Hollow

Along I-70 in Clear Creek Canyon
(I pass this park way too many times on my drive from Cedar City to Manti... Never stopped for a bathroom break there however. Native Americans didn't have outhouses did they?)

12 miles south of Marysvale, just off US 89

20 miles north of the town of Hanksville on Highway 24
(Don't get lost among the goblins. They WILL eat you.)

Nine miles northwest of Moab on US 191 and then 23 miles southwest on Utah 313 to the end of the highway.
(I wonder which horse didn't know the highway was ending...)
Close to Antimony on Utah Highway 62
(No. There are not sea monster otters living in the lake.)

Boulder, Utah

Two miles northwest of Escalante off State Route 12
(It has long been debated on how to say "Escalante." Some say it with a silent "e" at the end, others say it like it looks--making the "e" on the end make it's sound as in eagle, French people say it like Es-ka-lawn-tay.)
Nine miles south of the town of Cannonville off of Highway 12
(Ever been to Cannonville, let along Kodachrome State Park? Nope. Not me. Well, actually I slept on a church lawn in Cannonville the night before running the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. What an adventure. That's as close as I got.)

Cedar City, Utah
(I run past this place a lot but I've never dared stop to get a drink out of the well.)
15 miles northwest of St. George via Highway 91
(No gun needed to unlock the gate.)
Santa Clara, Utah
(Beautiful canyon to go caving in, hike through, or run a marathon in. At least in my experience.)

Three miles east of the Interstate 15 Hurricane, Utah
(Locals call it the bird crick.)

In between Hurricane and Washington, Utah
(Such a fun place that has a much longer playing season that most lakes in Utah! It has been described as a "mini-Lake Powell". However, weird itchy allergies can sometimes be developed from the water. But its definitely worth the fun you'll have!)

22 miles west of Kanab on Sand Dunes Road
(I've been here once in the sprinter (Utah's classic spring+winter=sprinter) and had an Easter egg hunt. If you look long enough, I bet you could go back there and still find some of the eggs we missed. Isn't that what usually happens with Easter egg hunts? You're still finding eggs through Thanksgiving.)
Approximately 51 miles southwest of Blanding, Utah
(Website says, "No drinking water is available. No trails. No river access." Doesn't seem like worth the drive unless you're an avid photographer or you're passing through the area.)

Blanding, Utah
(See above comment.)

Enjoy Southern Utah's State Parks and 
Thank you for enduring through my dry humor. 
The End.


#4 Participate in Non-Collegiate Athletic Events

This is by far my personal #1 thing to do, but that's just me! Southern Utah is a great place for races and events in biking, swimming, and running especially.
Here is a list of the major races for this year. (Training highly recommended. This is just a source for information.)

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St. George Half Marathon
St. George, January

Dog Town Half Marathon
Washington City, February
Lake to Lake Team Relay
St. George, March

SHAC Spring Triathlon
St. George, April

Utah Summer Games Runs
Cedar City, June

Utah Summer Games Swimming
Cedar City, June

Utah Summer Games Triathlon
Cedar City, June

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon
Bryce Canyon (Tropic), July

Cedar Express 31 Mile Relay
Cedar City, August

Cedar City 1/2 Marathon
Cedar City, September

Color Country Triathlon
Cedar City, September

Red Rock Relay
Cedar City, September

St. George Marathon
St. George, October

Snow Canyon Half Marathon
Santa Clara, November

Turkey Triathlon
St. George, November

#5 Visit Tuacahn Amphitheater!

Tuacahn Center For the Arts is a professional non-profit presenting and producing organization that inspires creativity and greatness in the human spirit by providing world class family entertainment and education.

Tuacahn has everything from concerts to musicals, from  farmers markets to a festival of lights. Great entertainment for any season! Visit the website for information, events, and directions.


#6 Attend Festivals in Southern Utah 
Southern Utah boasts of over 35 festivals and events that take place throughout the entire year. So it doesn't matter what time of the year you are visiting Southern Utah, there is a festival for every season! If you are a resident of Southern Utah, there is always something to look forward to!
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St. George, January 27-30
Cedar Mountain-Cedar City, February 5
St. George,  February 18-27
Cedar City, March 18-19
Giant Steps Lodge, April 2
Cedar City, April
St. George, April 22-23
St. George, May 7
Washington City, May 1-15
Cedar City, June 4
Cedar City, June 8-26
Cedar City, June 23-October 29 
Paiute Restoration Gathering & Pow Wow
Cedar City, June 25-26
Cedar City, June 22-26
St. George, June
Butch Cassidy Festival
Beaver, July
Cedar City, July 1-4
Cedar Breaks, July 1-17
Cedar City, July 13-16
Cedar City, July 9-10
Cedar City, July 14-August 13
St. George, August
Enterprise, August
Cedar City, September 10-11
Cedar City, September 16-18
Hurricane, September
St. George, September
Santa Clara, September
St. George, October 1
Livestock and Heritage Festival
Cedar City, October
St. George, October 3-15
Santa Clara, November/December
St. George, November
St. George, November 30 - December 3
Cedar City, December 


#7 Going Skiing or Snowboarding in Southern Utah

Many people think that Southern Utah has extremely mild winters and very hot summers. This is a myth. ST. GEORGE and the surrounding area has extremely mild winters and very hot summers. Everywhere else (Cedar City, Beaver, Parowan, Kanab, etc.) is just like the rest of Utah- harsh winters and hot summers. Due to this fact, Southern Utah has two great ski resorts to boast of:

Brian Head is Utah's highest-elevation resort, receiving over 400 annual inches of light, Utah powder. The resort has 50+ runs for all ability levels, including an entire mountain dedicated to beginners and children. It features four terrain parks for varying ability levels, with more than 30 snow features, rails, fun boxes, and a half pipe (open when conditions permit).

The Resort is located off Interstate I-15, adjacent to Utah's famous national parks. Its location has helped foster a uniquely laid-back, uncrowded atmosphere, which is seldom found at winter resorts anymore.

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Eagle Point has been established on the site of the former Elk Meadows Ski Resort just outside of Beaver, Utah. With extensive renovations to two lodges, reconditioned lifts, and other significant infrastructure improvements, Eagle Point will be welcoming skiers and snowboarders beginning mid December of 2010.

Located in the Tushar Mountains, one of Utah’s tallest ranges, Eagle Point will open as an affordable family snowsport destination. Its 36 trails are a mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert terrain, with a halfpipe and significant backcountry opportunities, all taking advantage of an average snowfall of 400 inches per year.

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#8 Spas and Resorts
With sunshine, incredible natural beauty and a reputation as an outdoor mecca, it was only natural for quality spa resorts to spring up around St George. Some of the best include:
Get away, play, relax, enjoy, and rejuvinate in many of St. Geroge's popular Resorts.
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    #9 Visit Historic Sites
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    Southern Utah has a rich heritage with extremely well-preserved historic sites. St. George has many places to visit including the St. George LDS Temple, St. George LDS Tabernacle, the Brigham Young Winter Home, and many others. Cedar City also boasts of a great heritage with a historic downtown area, the Fronteir Homestead State Park and Museum, and many others. Beaver City has a great deal to offer with several historic sites. 
    #10. Go Biking
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    Southern Utah is a beautiful place and there are a bunch of great mountain biking trials both around Cedar City and St. George. Spring and Fall are the ideal times to ride in Southern Utah. I know it doesn't feel like Spring will come because of the bitter wind that blows all the time and the endless frost on your windows in the morning, but it will come. I promise. Winters in St. George are pretty mild and one can still bike during the season. Summers around Cedar City are warm (Although not as hot as St. George) but cooler days and high altitudes make for pleasant rides as well.
    Some of the more popular Southern Utah Trails include: 
    Anasazi Trail: This trail system includes a combination of singletrack and doubletrack along the Santa Clara River, south of the towns of Ivins and Santa Clara. Highlights include a short, rocky semi-technical section, great views of the Santa Clara River gorge, and ancient petroglyph rock art figures carved into the cliffs... keep reading. 
    Green Valley: Green Valley Trail is one big BMX course loaded with thrills and potential spills on a roller coaster of dirt. It rekindles childhood days of riding, when you rode your purple sting ray with high rise bars at seemingly death-defying speeds through neighborhood sandlots. The trail is located west of the city and can be easily ridden as a loop via paved roads. It's a perfect lunchtime workout or an apres-work wind down... keep reading. 
    Snow Canyon Paved Loop: The loop begins in St George, follows Hwy 18 north to the top of Snow Canyon, glides down through Snow Canyon and then swings back to St George. The paved doubletrack parallels roads along the entire route. This is a popular route, which you will share with hikers, joggers, bikers, roller bladders and others... keep reading.
    Information Courtey of 
    Just as a personal favorite biking trail--
    Zion's National Park! A few years ago, my family and I went down to Zion's to visit some family. While there, we rounded up a bunch of bikes and headed up the canyon. We put two bikes (that is all they will carry) and two people on each shuttle until we all made it to the very top of the canyon. If you want something more challenging, feel free to ride all the way up, but just for a fun family time, it was the most amazing expereince to coast almost the whole way down! We stopped to take pictures, look at animals, and take more pictures along the way. It has become one of my most memorable family trips! The whole road is paved all the way down and once you reach Canyon Junction, a beautiful biking/walking/running trail breaks off the main road to take you down through the beautiful canyon and across the Virgin River four times. It is scenic, natural, and extremely beautiful! (Some biking rules do apply in the canyon. Check with park rangers for details.)  
    Happy Biking!
    Enjoy Southern Utah and all the beautiful places it has to offer!


Anonymous said...

Your site was very interesting and helpful. I didn't realize there was so much to do and to see in sounthern Utah. We will definitely have to check some out everytime we come to Utah. Thanks future friends from Wyoming

Derek Krycek said...

I love the red rocks in southern Utah! It definitely makes a great vacation destination. One of my favorite things I've done over there is river rafting in Moab, Utah. I went with a bunch of friends a few years ago and we had a blast!

Derek Krycek said...

I love the red rocks in southern Utah! It definitely makes a great vacation destination. One of my favorite things I've done over there is river rafting in Moab, Utah. I went with a bunch of friends a few years ago and we had a blast!