Friday, July 29, 2011


My Dearest Southern Utah Hodgepodge Readers:

Wow! It's been a great ride, hasn't it?! I cannot believe, what started out as a class project, has come so far!
I have some amazingly loyal and wonderful readers!

I am moving out of the Southern Utah area and will not be continuing the Southern Utah Hodgepodge. The blog will stay up for future reference for anyone looking for housing in Southern Utah, Date ideas, and Top Ten Things to do in Southern Utah.

I know this is a sad story, so if you or anyone you know would like to continue the Southern Utah Hodgepodge, or even take it in a different direction, please contact me.

You have been wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to read the 
Southern Utah Hodgepodge! 
I hope it made your life a little easier, a little more fun, and a little more informed on what Southern Utah has to offer!

Farewell my loyal friends. Best of luck to you!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Date Idea #34: Adult Slip N' Slide. Get a giant tarp, a hose, and a gallon of heavy duty dish washing soap. Wet the tarp with warm water (don't want your date freezing) add soap. Spread throughout the tarp so it's nice and sudsy..take a few steps back, run and slide. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Date Idea #35: Carve a watermelon. Yep. Just like Halloween but with a watermelon in July! (This would be great combined with #36.)
Date Idea #36: Have a Karaoke Night. Find the karaoke equipment or just do it poor-college-student-style: with a loud radio and a hair brush for a microphone!

Thanks Nifty Date Ideas!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Week 11

Date Idea #31: Build a Sand Castle. I know this sounds complicated to do in Southern Utah, but guess what?! The weather is finally getting warm and there are some great places to play in the sand! Cedar City Lake at the Hills is a great afternoon adventure just waiting to happen! Also try Sand Hollow, a local sand volleyball court, or your backyard sandbox!

Date Idea #32: Set up a lemonade stand. Relive childhood and make a few pennies for your poor college student bank account. Or, see how much you can make and then go buy a snack with the money or even possibly try dinner on your meager earnings!

Date Idea #33: Have a Cartoon Date. Meet at 9am and watch cartoons while eating your favorite kids cereal. PJ's required.
Thanks Nifty Date Ideas!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Week 10

Date Idea #28: Have a coupon date! 
Go through the local newspaper together and find coupons to use on your cheap date. Wahoo for coupons! Yep. Pretty sure this is one I will do!

Date Idea #29: Make Tee Shirts or Shoes.
Start with some blank white or collared tees or shoes, then get creative with sharpies and paint. This is super fun! Love this activity!

Date Idea #30: Obsessed with Sticky Notes.
Load up on pads of sticky notes and colored markers. Then make a trip to the mall or a fairly crowded place where you can stick up notes of funny sayings or just random words anywhere and everywhere! It's fun to see the reactions of others when they see/read them.
Thanks Nifty Date Ideas!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Week 9:

Date Idea #25: Make Your Date Decide!
Create a mysterious date for your date--take your ideas to them throughout the week, tell them to just answer the random questions you ask them. For example: red or white? (color of flower you bring) fast or slow? ( fast food or sit down restaurant) hot or cold? (Ice Cream or hot cocoa) - Anything will work. You ask them during the week then during the date reveal to them what they decided. It's quirky and cute, but sounds like great fun!

Date Idea #26: Wal-Martian Bingo.
Make a list of outrageous things on a Bingo card like mullets, scrunchies, spandex pants and hiking boots, polygamist hair braid, etc and walk around Wal Mart trying to find people sporting the items on your bingo cards. Loser has to buy the winner Hot Pockets for dinner. This would work awsomely in the Cedar City Walmart... Yeah you know who I'm talking about.

Date Idea #27: Do a puzzle.
This sounds like a perfect thing to do as a poor married couple who just needs a relaxing night. Of course, unmarried couples can do this as well but a lot of these crazy date ideas are not as applicable to busy married couples. Take a break and catch up with your spouse or date by doing a puzzle together.
Thanks Nifty Date Ideas!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Week 8:

Date Idea #22: Go Longboarding. I really hate to encourage long boarding because this is what happened to me when I went long boarding for the first time last week and I keep hearing more and more horror stories about long boarding accidents, BUT if you know how or are daring and would like to learn, find a friend who is good and has an extra long board and try  it out! Have fun and wear protective gear...

Date Idea #23: Go on a hike. There are so many places to go hiking around Southern Utah and they are extremely beautiful! This is a great day date idea so get out and enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful country!
Places to hike in Southern Utah:
Kanarraville Falls

Date Idea #24: Go for a moonlit walk. Talk, walk, laugh, enjoy. Enough said.
Best Places for Moonlit Walks:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swimming Lessons in Southern Utah

It's almost summer again!! Wahoo! 
And time for swimming lessons! 
Here is information that I have found about swimming lessons for kids this summer. 
Please let me know if there are others that I am missing on this list.

Cedar City:
St. George:
Hurricane City:
Washington City:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coupon and Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks

So since I started being a "couponer" I get a lot of teasing from friends and roommates. But in all reality, I'm sure they are just jealous. As a college student in a small town it is a little bit more of a process to find the best deals on groceries. So I have decided to share with you a few tips and tricks that I have found work excellently for me so you can make all your friends jealous!! Please check out my College Student Saving post as well to find out more great ways to save!

To find coupons you need to invest in time and a printer. A few coupon data bases that are free are as listed:
These are great places to print coupons, but the newspaper carries the best coupon inserts. As college students, buying the newspaper can get pretty expensive. I have survived and still found awsome deals without it.

The best resource for grocery shopping is Grocery Smarts. The password for Utah is g84cjt.

1. Enter the password in the space provided on the right and then select the stores that you shop at or that are near you in the middle of the page. This will take you a list of the store's weekly ad and deals. The next page will look like the picture below.

2. Click on the start button on the top right.
 The lists will then be gray and your page will look like this:

The arrow above is pointing to the stars that mark how "good" the sale is. If it is 4 or 5 stars (red) it is a really good sale and time to stock up. If it is 3 stars (black) it is an ok sale and better than regular price. If ever the stars are all white or you can't see them, usually the item has a green FREE in that box. Definitely check those deals out.

3. You can then click on the items you want. They will highlight back to white.

After you have gone through the entire list, click the "shrink" button at the top by the "start" button. (See step 2 to find out where it's at). Your list will then look like this:
All of the sales that you clicked on now visible.

4. You can then print this page and have your list by clicking the "print now" button up by the "shrink" and "start" buttons. You can also add notes to your list like: how many of an item you want, which store this list is for, what other errands you need to run, etc.

5. You can then "un shrink" your page and find the coupons that match your selected items.
Click on the coupon links to see what coupons you need to print. You will need to install a free coupon printer software on your computer the first time, but after that, you can print as many coupons as you want.

These lists are updated every week for every store. A great deal of time goes in to these to match up sales with coupons.The coupon databases are changed all the time so make sure you print a coupon that you want as soon as you see it.

If you need help or don't understand something, please let me know. Also Deidre over at CuckooForCouponDeals made a great How to Become a Couponer resource.

I usually go shopping on average about once a week. I make sure to check all the ads, deals, policies, and coupons for what I need every week and do it all in one trip. Sometimes it takes more, but one trip usually suffices.

Many bloggers post about the best match ups for coupons and store deals. These are some of my favorites but the lists are pretty much the same on all three.
I also always make sure to check out the ads that come in my mail. You can find in-store coupons, local restaurant coupons, and more in the mail.

Recently, a new show came on TLC called Extreme Couponing. I just want you to know that it is called EXTREME for a very good reason. It looks awsome to get $1,000 grocery bills down to $5 but it is not very likely. It is exaggerated for TV and even though you can save tons of money by couponing, you probably won't see that kind of result.

Couponing takes a great deal of time, but it is so worth it! It is like a game and is very exciting to slowly see your grocery bills shrinking month after month!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hodgepodge Date Garage

Week 7:

Date Idea #19: Have an Easter Egg Hunt.
Perfect timing right? Yep! Easter is this weekend! You can have your own Easter Egg Hunt or go to a city sponsored hunt. (Be aware that usually there are age limits for city sponsored hunts). It is great fun to get your own eggs and fill them with candy or scavenger hunt clues and have your own Easter Egg Hunt!

Date Idea #20: Go Horseback Riding.
I am actually doing this one tonight! Wahoo! It's been ages since I've been horseback riding! Find a friend who has horses or find a ranch that rents out horses for periods of time. Zions National Park (FREE this week!) has a horseback riding tours that are super fun to do in the canyon. Horseback riding services in Southern Utah include:

Date Idea #21: Plant Flowers or Trees.
Earth Day is this Friday! Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and plant flowers and/or trees! Flower seeds are super cheap at the store but trees are a little bit more expensive. However, this is a great service and a fun way to work hard, get some exercise, beautify your or a neighbors yard, and have fun together!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Southern Utah Easter Egg Hunts!

Happy Easter!!

These are the Easter Egg Hunts that will be happening this weekend (Saturday April 23rd)!
  • Cedar City: 9:30am Cedar City Main Street Park (Corner of 200 N & Main St)
  • St. George:  9:45 am Southwest corner of Vernon Worthen Park (300 East and 300 South)
  • St. George: Planet 94.1 and Findlay Volkswagen Easter Egg Hunt, Findlay Volkswagen on Sunland Drive, 9:30am for the first 300 kids
  • Santa Clara Egg Hunt, Central Park on Kiely and Homestead, 10am for kids 2-8
  • Washington: Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt Veterans Park (111 N. 100 E. in Washington) 10am
  • Ivins: Pancake breakfast from 7-9am, Egg hunt begins at 9am for kids 1-12 years old Unity Park (200 W. 400 S.)
  • Sand Hollow Aquatic Easter Egg Dive: Sand Hollow Aquatic Center 1144 North Lava Flow Drive
    Registration 11am - Starts at noon $5 per child ages 0-12 (includes all day swim pass)
  • Hurricane9:00 a.m. Fine Arts Building (100 W. 100 South)
  • Kanab: 9:00am Kanab Golf Course
  • Fillmore: 11:00am Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum
  • Panguitch: 10:00am City Park (Approximately 800 North Main) 
  • Brian Head: 10:00am Navajo Lodge (Sunday April 24th)
  Easter Egg Hunt - City Park